Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tomato 'Evangelist'

This fellow sounds rather opinionated about tomatoes.

UPDATE: I googled around for a reliable source to the Mortgage Lifter story, and found this one, which includes an interview and transcript from a tape-recorded conversation between 'Charlie' and his grandson. Both German Johnson and Mortgage Lifter are being grown as part of the tomato trials this year. Enjoy.

UPDATE II: I should also make clear, because the article makes it sound otherwise, I have nothing against hybrids - I grow several including Brandyboy, Ramapo and Conestoga. If you attended the Tomato class this Spring, you know I heartily applaud the efforts of Rutgers University, for example, to rediscover the commercial hybrids that made the "Jersey Tomato" famous for flavor. We have a handout (can't find an on-line version) that explains the situation well: "Heirlooms and Hybrids: Together in Today's Garden". Look for it at the information desk on Tomato Day.

This fact sheet from the University of Illinois covers the same subject.

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